Powerful creative and technical potential allows us to solve problems almost any level of difficulty




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Our mission — is to provide you with the most effective solution in terms of ease of use and ergonomics, the relevance of the architectural and planning structure for your business or home, to provide the optimal engineering solution, its individuality, originality and recognition. The architectural design studio «A7-Design» is more than 15 years of experience in graphic, interior and architectural design, construction.

We build relationships with you on the basis of transparency, mutual respect and trust!

qualification certificate of the architect Yury Bezborodov

qualification certificate of the architect Yury Bezborodov

Our experience in administering and approving projects allows us to talk about a fairly high level of professionalism.

We provide a comprehensive range of services — from the development of corporate identities, design solutions and to complete the project with ready-made solutions and implementation.

We are constantly looking for new trends in design, achievements in architecture, the development of engineering and information technologies.

The powerful creative and technical potential of architects, interior designers, engineers and builders allows us to solve problems
almost any level of difficulty.

The network principle of our office is with remote employees. Here you will not find a bureau in the city center, which, in turn, affects our competitiveness and ability to work in different parts of the world.

Flexibility in reformatting for a specific task or project makes our work efficient, staff — optimal, competence — comprehensive.

For us, an architect is, first of all, an author living in the center of work with a customer and projects; an author associated with designers and artists, engineers and builders, stylists and innovations from around the world.

Collaboration for the «A7-Design» studio — is a synthesis of artistic freedom, professional experience and production know-how.

We are a team of designers and architects, designers and project managers, engineers and builders who will readily realize the project of your dreams!

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