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Купить дизайнерский светильник, дизайн освещения, современный дизайн формообразования и материалы, современные технологии источников света и управления
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parametric wooden lampsparametric wooden lamps



remote control

original design



is more

our lighting


- and in stock

- individual order

- variable remote control

- original design

- recyclable materials

lighting shop

We are develop an individual lighting design, its style and functionality.

We use LED technology with its extensive management capabilities and low power consumption.

When designing luminaires, we simulate the actual working conditions of the light source, reaching its optimal operating parameters.

In the manufacture, we use modern technology for laser cutting, milling and three-dimensional printing.

We use innovative polymeric and traditional materials.

In lighting control, we use not only traditional switches, but also the «smart» technology of your smartphone.

Thus, our light due to design is not just a functional device, but turns into a technological and aesthetic object, taking its rightful place in your interior!

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